In the heart of Artisan Aura's journey, we unveil a new chapter that celebrates the free-spirited souls of the Wild West.

Drawing inspiration from the rugged landscapes of the frontier, the essence of this collection is infused with the wild and untamed spirit of the American West.

The Echoes of the Wild West.

Rooted in the vast deserts, soaring mountains, and wide-open plains, the West has always been a land of adventure and audacity.

This chapter echoes the iconic style of the cowboys and girls who lived off the land, their outfits a testament to their self-reliance and their unwavering spirit.




A Melody of Androgyny

The chapter pays tribute to the audacious women who dared to defy convention and join the cowboys' ranks. Androgynous silhouettes become a bridge between the masculine and the feminine, mirroring the duality of the Western spirit. The collection balances structured coats and trousers with softer elements, much like the ever-shifting landscapes of the West.


Serifs and the Cinematic Canvas

The Wild West has often been the backdrop for tales of heroism and adventure, and the bold serifs in the typography pay homage to the iconic Western movie posters that captured the essence of the frontier. Our collection exudes the grandeur and grit of the cinematic West.


Losing Ourselves in the Wild

Artisan Aura's Western chapter is an ode to adventure, an exploration of a time when the West was untamed, and the spirit of the cowboy echoed across the land. It's an invitation to lose ourselves in a world where freedom knows no bounds, where the desert breeze is a lullaby, and the campfire is the heart of existence.


In every detail of this collection, the West comes alive. From stars that shone brightly in the big Texan sky to the motifs of guns and lucky charms, our designs are steeped in Western history. This season, we introduce a distinctive layer of eco-leather, which defines the era’s aesthetic, capturing the texture of weathered saddles and rugged landscapes.

Here, the West isn't just a place; it's a state of mind.

It's the embrace of wide-brimmed hats, the swagger of leather boots, and the jingle of spurs in the distance.

It's the untamed landscape we call home.

In ♥Artisan Aura♥, we honor those who dared to live on the fringes of society and in the heart of the American wilderness.

We invite you to don these garments and let your spirit run free, for it is, indeed, the spirit of the West.