Also known as the Inca cross, is a powerful symbol that has captivated people's imagination for centuries.

Originating in the Andean region of South America, it represents the cosmology of the Incas and the Andean worldview.

The Chaka has four arms that symbolize the four elements of nature: air, water, earth, and fire, as well as the four cardinal points: North, South, East, and West.

In addition, the Chaka represents the three levels of existence according to the Inca belief system: the underworld, the world of the living, and the upper world. 
The Chaka is a symbol of balance, harmony, and the interconnectedness of all things.

It reminds us that everything in the universe is connected and that we are all part of a larger whole.

The Chaka can be seen as a guide for living a balanced and fulfilling life, reminding us to respect nature and our place within it. 

Today, the Chaka continues to inspire people around the world, not only as a symbol of Inca culture but also as a representation of universal values such as balance, harmony, and interconnectedness. In our Brand, the Chaka is incorporated as a symbol of respect for nature and culture, as well as a reminder of the importance of living a balanced and meaningful life. 

Totaly alligned with our values. 


We celebrate it every 3 of May.