A new wave of wisdom sweeps our consciousness.

Driven by confidence derived from our enriched values and spiritual diversity, Peace + Chaos has established itself as an influencer – a tour de force of contemporary fashion. ​

Our Spring-Summer 23 collection, REFINED FREQUENCY, illustrates our connected essence, determined by the removal of excesses. Tempered with progressive ideologies, exuding poise and authenticity to its wearers, the collection radiates energy and vision through emphatic shape, alluring color and unique form. We‘re moving in a new sequence, defining codes and shaping mindsets using a trademark tempo of vigor and intuition. Tune in to the P+C frequency — in a state of dynamic flux, yet constant and unwavering.  ​

Guided by a mature flow of expressionism, we have honed our skills and carve our creations from the core; immersing our worldly perspectives via original wearable pieces. We are liberal thinkers, and convey this with artistic design inspired by ancient themes of indigenous people – highlighting harmony and natural instinct. Our interpretation of tribal-folk connections envelops deep-rooted native notes in the form of ethnic auras blended seamlessly through modern  symbolism. More than mere patterns, our motifs are insignia, accents of existential attitudes. Fluid and feminine with a defiant rock twist, this collection weaves lineage with conviction and positivity, while emblematic prints speak the language of liberty, celebrating individuality and character.  ​​
Travelling along an enlightened journey rewriting rules, our untamed spirit brings balance and elevated philosophies to the everyday. We are eye-openers and mood-boosters, translating our soul-entwined enduring concepts with depth and inspiration. ​

Our knowledge teaches us. Our insight guides us. Our frequency advances us. 

Creative team

The concept of the editorial “REFINED FREQUENCY” has been curated by:​

Photographer: Nik Zik ​
Stylist: Niki Payataki​
Mua: Eleni Mitsiali ​
Model:  Anastasija | D.Models​
Copywriter: Nadia Danaos-Ueberall