Vivid with life and light.
This season, we encourage you to use nature as your compass and create coherent contrasts with wild attitude and folk flair.

The Peace + Chaos Automn-Winter 23-24 collection, Artisan Aura, intertwines our refined wisdom with free-spirited, n

atural nuances that invite us to harness our raw instincts and authentic brand ideals with an essential mystical vibe. 


We are transported into the spiritual orbit of Peace + Chaos. Enriched from a cultural past, this collection casts a mystical insight into highly-developed artisanal values, interwoven with enlightened form and shape. Intriguing velvets and jacquard fabrics emit depth and an aged, archival appeal radiating a warming rusticity that envelops the season. 
Sheeny surfaces and sequins are caught in a dusky enrapture; subtly twinkling to reflect the lunar party mood that awaits. 
Abstract elements take a retro-vamp twist through reworked pieces featuring dark geometrics, tarnished metallics and vintage flair. Rich taffetas with sensual suede and fur create luscious luxury and extravagance that embrace the winter chill. We’re prepared for the road ahead. 








Embark on a journey into the extraordinary.​

 Velvet caresses, luxurious extravagance, and earthy tones await, igniting a sensual and spiritual odyssey. ​

This collection is an ode to the mystical past and the heritage of Peace+Chaos, guiding you beyond the ordinary into a realm of uncharted elegance and allure. ​

Welcome to a season of extraordinary experiences.



A flirt with wilderness brings an unabashed attitude, represented through colliding colour and graphic clashes. Brimming with boundless cowgirl spirit, this collection reveals country classics with an edge that exude an assertive and street-smart approach – we rely on our intuition. 
Polarised minimalist shapes and maximalist prints blend with psychedelic kaleidoscopes to bring fun and energetic statements. 
Chains, studs and polished-stone effects depict raw glamour balanced with self-assured, destiny-controlling grit. Reveal your prowess in all its glory. 


Sip from nature’s cup. The euphoric essence of botanical beauty is unveiled through vibrant iridescent colour and riotous dynamic patterns – an inspiration of flora and fauna. 
Outlandish forms are indicative of self-growth and confidence: she trusts her path, guided by a sixth sense. 
Radiating positive energy, she’s a creature of the night: adaptable, a survivor who boldly expresses her raw earthiness. Substantial knits, floral notes and tulle bring together the poetic narrative of these natural elements. 

Creative team

The concept of the editorial “ARTISAN AURA” has been curated by:​

Creative Directors\Designers: Nefeli Allan + Dimitris Pantazis
Photographer: Nik Zik
Stylist: Niki Pagiataki ​
Muah: Christina Zoi​
Model: Klaudia Biesek | Ace Models​