More powerful than mere personal expression, this collection reveals our raw, essential state. ​
Depicting a combination of folk and contemporary angles, we set the tone for the onward journey.   ​
We see trademark tailoring, relaxed luxe and enticing earthy palettes.

Ideal for the season.  ​​

For a show-stopping seasonal trend, the Dian Pleated Long Dress delivers.

The long flowy fabric is contrasted with structured waist and shoulder details, combined with a subtly fresh floral print in a key palette of the SS23 collection. 

In an irresistible ethnic-sharp style, the dress has bold motifs yet subtle warmth from earthly hues. Chic and feminine, this relaxed piece will flatter any shape. Simply a wardrobe must-have. 

We have paired it here with our Boyka shirt for a renaissance flair. 

Our sweet unique print is accentuated with the bohemian flair of the Movement Long Dress.

Floaty and feminine it’s also vivid and dynamic . The loose cut gets some structure from the matching belt. 

A pop of wild colour gives the theme an edge of playful drama. 

Pair it with the Movement shirt and Pants for an amazing style. 

Astral Plane is a vision of P+C heritage, with the print representing spiritual emblems of a higher state.

The embellished-shoulder design of the blazer gives it a sharp military feel, while the overall look is effortless and captivating.

The relaxed-fit design of the Astral Plane Pants is tempting. There is an aura of vivid character and spirit in the fabric, while the cut is tailored yet comfortable. 

And this not the end. The Astral Plane line includes a wrap dress which is a definite indication of warmer months.

Our authentic P+C print gives the dress depth, while the leg-bearing length represents the sizzling sunshine. The matching belt adds contour. 

For a Japanese style you can try our Movement Balazer and layer it with the matching shirt and pants, for a total Movement look. 

The look brings a vivid feel to the season with a tailored cut and a fresh palette.

Nature-inspired symbolism creates a warmth to the Spring style. 

Intricately beautiful... reflecting a vibrant ode to a cultural golden age.