Metaphysical Muse
Metaphysical Muse highlights the freedom to express your true inner beauty by connecting with your authentic self.

Marking the rebirth of the brand, we aspire to reach for the cosmos + be our own muse.

Colour-popping prints featuring the all-seeing eye, constellations with ethnic + boho vibes are references to spiritual awareness, rewriting rules + leading with instinct.

Themes of the metaphysical world inspire us to ignite our fearless force + embrace opposite energies:

Light + Shadows. Strong + Soft. Bold + Subtle. Peace + Chaos

Creative team

The concept of the editorial “TRANSCENDENCE” has been curated by:

Photographer: Maria Koutroumpi

Stylist: Markos Andriotis

Styling assistant: Thaleia Nikolarou

Muah: Sophia Sarigiannidou

Model: Katerina Shikhova | Agencia Models