Our strength of spirit is what propels us but also keeps us grounded. Using our creative flair, we’re shaping an attitude, revealing an awareness of our transcendent state … eclipsing the ordinary. Peace + Chaos has elevated to a state of being, of knowing its karmic calling, and via our designs we inspire the concept of feeling relaxed in our own skin. The Fall/Winter22-23 collection, Transcendence, reflects our confidence and wisdom to inspirit people to express their authentic image in expanded and transfigured environs.

The rich ethnic influences of the Transcendence collection remind us of our deep-rooted instincts that have nurtured our philosophies and maintain our free creative spirit – the very essence of our raw identity. Feminine and dynamic, the collection marries earthly palettes with otherworldly prints, articulating the brand’s signature ethos of contrasting entities, to form creations that empower us, that transcend attitudes. Every piece is conveyed with a spiritual instinct.

The wearer of our clothing bears an aura; they show courage, unafraid to reveal their inner prowess.

Through character-defining bold designs and distinctive vibes, we lose our inhibitions and keep embracing the energies that enrich our existence, drawing strength from the light and the shadows. We encourage people to project their emancipation through evocative themes and statement styles, influencing them to write their own story.

We are true bohemians who go with their own flow and we celebrate the ideology of being inclusively, expressively you.

Creative team

The concept of the editorial “TRANSCENDENCE” has been curated by:

Photographer: Maria Koutroubi

Stylist: Niki Payataki

Make-up: Joanna Domazaki

Hair: Maria Chatzitheodorou

Model: Maresh | D.Models