In the new Spring-Summer '24 collection, "LUCID REFLECTIONS," by Peace and Chaos,

designers Nefeli Allan and Dimitris Pantazis draw inspiration from the mysteries of the universe and the sacred imagery of nature.​

The colors within the "LUCID REFLECTIONS" collection mirror the diversity of spiritual experiences. Each hue represents a different aspect of reality, from tranquil blues conveying serenity to vibrant fuchsias symbolizing passion and the pursuit of awareness. Just as a kaleidoscope's faces create intricate patterns, the prints in this collection narrate a tale of revelation.

Mirroring is intricately woven into the new patterns, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all things. Just as each individual is part of the collective human experience, the collection unveils the essence of those who wear them.

The mirror serves as a reminder that we are all threads in a mysterious mosaic, and our stories are intricately woven together.​
This collection transcends the familiar, beckoning us to explore the boundless limits of our own personalities.

It invites us into a realm of dreams and visions, a space where we can peer deep into the reflections of our souls and connect with that which surpasses us.

Creative team

The concept of the editorial “LUCID REFLECTIONS” has been curated by:​

Photographer: Nik Zik ​
Stylist: Niki Payataki​
Mua: Zoi Christou
Model:  Betti | Agencia