For the season we see the celebrational heat turned up in preparation for the cold months. The night before Christmas never looked so pretty.

The sequins never looked so glamorous.

The slim fit dresses never approached such a femininity.  


Loyal to the lineage of the brand, we’re enhancing the female form and revealing our wild side with chic mini-dresses, longer ones - bearing backs with daring sheer fabrics and bold costumes.

Sequins feature not only as a glamorous nod to the party season but also indicate cool natural elements - ideal for assembling your night out outfit.

Dynamic and on-trend. 

As winter allure begins to descend upon the outside sphere, there’s no better way to warm up than a bit of indoor festivity. Do not hesitate to bring the celebrational spirit to life.

Styling goes a long way to draw out the fashionable character and stylish possibilities of the star outfits, Peace and Chaos creates.  


Silhouettes remain striking with alluring shades of midnight-black and purple – and with appearances of the unmistakable Chaka insignia.

Remember. It's not the Christmas tree that matters, but who is around it!