Fashion trends this season adopt the back-to-school style, in a new meaning and new looks.

The catwalks and all fashion brands recommend it.

The new style goes beyond the athleisure aesthetics of the past seasons. We intensify the looks with more formal pieces.

A different sporty chic style, takes us back to the university desks. 

 A unique skirt with a distinctive print, can be paired with a t-shirt, a sweater or a shirt. Dare to wear a beret and visible socks for a contemporary college look. 

The season's trend calls for at least one bright color in our wardrobe. We recommend a combination of an oversized suit in bright green, paired with a shirt and a vest, your flat shoes and you get the school vibe.

We keep the shirt and the vest from the previous look and we pair it with this tweed skirt, a must have for this style, in a very unique combination and a country flair.  

A soft dress or a knitted pair of pants with their matching top in a casual confortable line, a jacket on the sholders and your sneakers make the perfect back to-school style.  

We need to keep the mood elevated, while being cool and relaxed.