25 October International Day of Breast Cancer Awareness

When behind the surviving marks there is a revolutionary mental and spiritual awakening

Dear women of the world! October is the month of breast cancer awareness.

We, in Peace+Chaos, have created and crafted with huge respect the LIFE INFLUENCERS Scarf to support "Celebrate Your Scars" org.  

We all wanted to be part of the Life Chain that reminds women to protect themselves. 

Our Scarf is made to give meaning to a gift! With the purchase of every Scarf "LIFE INFLUENCERS" we donate 10€ @celebrateyourscarsgr org. ​

Celebrate Your Scars: An organization inspired and created by Rebecca Yannopoulou, where well known greek tatoo artists offer free areola reconstruction.  Rebecca says: "I am not painting areolas with tatoo. I am turning signs of war into symbols of peace". ​

Let's all be part of the Life Chain!​

Who has not been broken?

Who has not needed courage?

Who has not been fragile?

Deep breath, a breath of light and choices towards a colorful future.

Optimistic, surviving people inspire us. ​

She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of almost 30. She had a double mastectomy and reconstructed her breasts, along with her ego, her mindset and her feminity. She works as a communication specialist and her moto is “there is nothing in the world that you can’t do, if you truly believe”. She believed she could beat cancer.

Maria is our loving heroe. A Breast Cancer Survivor.